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combi boiler fitted in the leicester areaS A Plumbing and Heating, I Recommend

A new boiler

I have installed Worcester Bosch boilers for many years now. I have fitted the whole range at some point or another. They are worth every penny, I highly recommend you choose a Worcester boiler. In my opinion the Greenstar SI is the one to have.

Boiler Protection
I have fitted Magnacleans to many boilers, they add approx £100 to the bill but could save you a lot more, especially if you are connecting a new boiler to an existing system. Every annual service they are cleaned out as part of the service and it's surprising how much debris is collected by the magnet. Also make sure an inhibitor is added to your central heating system to protect the boiler and radiators.

I Recommend:

  • Read all specifications about the product
  • If possible read reviews online or ask a friend or neighbour
  • Check out your installers Identification
  • Check for Public Liability Insurance
  • How long has he been trading/registered with Gas Safe
  • Fit a lime scale reducer on the cold supply
  • Cheap boilers are false economy
  • Have your boiler serviced every year
  • Have your central heating flushed every 5 years



S A Plumbing and Heating,  Recommend

S A Plumbing and Heating, I Recommend