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Countesthorpe Boiler Service, Boiler Installation, Plumbing

Looking for a Boiler Service in Countesthorpe - £40
Boiler Installation in Countesthorpe

Landlord Certificate CP12 - £45

As a Worcester Accredited Installer

I can give 10 years Warranty on

Worcester boiler installation

All Boiler installations come with a Full Power Flush

Protect you and your family, whilst increasing the life of your boiler by booking a boiler service today!

An annual boiler/fire service includes:

Countesthorpe, Boiler, Service, Installation, Plumber, Bathroom Gas

  • Flue ways and terminals
  • Ventilation provision
  • Gas pressure and heat input
  • All safety devices

The following boiler components:


  • Heat exchangers
  • Burners
  • Combustion fan
  • Seals (gas and water)
  • Ignition systems
  • Performance test on all boilers with a flue terminal
  • All visible pipe-work and controls
  • Expansion tank (and vessel) and associated components
  • Advice on the use of your present controls more efficiently