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Common Faults with Plumbing & Heating

Taps constantly dripping

Usually caused by a worn washer or seating of the tap itself. If the tap is a quarter turn type usually its replacement of the tap insides or in both cases it can mean a new tap.


Overflow from a toilet or header tank

Usually caused by a washer inside the valve, if it’s a brass valve, it’s best to replace to valve rather than the washer.


Leaking from a shower over a bath or cubicle

Most likely the silicone around the bath or shower. While standing in the bath or shower check the silicone for gaps.


Central heating (radiators cold, hot water working)

Usually the pump is the cause.

Air in the radiator if the radiator is hot at the bottom.

Debris in the system causing blocked pipes especially in micro bore tube.

Diverter valve stuck or motor not working.

Stat/programmer faulty or batteries flat.

Pressure low on a combi boiler or sealed system regular boiler.

Central heating (radiators hot, hot water not working)

Diverter valve stuck or motor not working.

Immersion heater not working.

Coil failure inside cylinder.

Pressure low on a combi boiler or sealed system regular boiler

Central heating (radiators and hot water cold)

If it’s a combi boiler it could be a number of issues but first look at pressure.

Pump is the main cause if a regular boiler is firing.

If a regular boiler isn’t firing because of pilot failure it could be the thermocouple.

Could be an electrical issue, check fuses.

Could be a gas issue check gas supply.

In cold weather, Combi boiler not working. This could be a frozen condense waste.

Central heating (radiators getting hot, heating off)

Caused by a failed, anti-gravity valve or lack of, usually the upstairs radiators are heating by gravity. An older system with an old cast iron boiler has these issues.

Central heating noisy

The pump again is the main cause.

Debris and blocked pipes.

Boiler stat failure.

Pipework fitted tightly against joists.