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Leicester Back Boiler Installation

Looking at installing a back boiler in the
Leicestershire area?


S A Plumbing & Heating is committed to helping you install only the best condensing back boiler, which converts more fuel into energy. This typically means a reduction of up to 40% on your heating bills and a reduction in emissions from your heating

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The main areas to consider are....

The gas supply
The boiler gas supply must be installed in the correct size pipe. The gas supply to an old boiler is usually 15mm and needs to be upgraded to 22mm. The distance between the proposed boiler to the existing gas meter determines the cost of installation.


The back boiler is fitted in the recess behind the fireplace, usually as part of the large chimneybreast in the home. They don’t take a wall or valuable space in the kitchen. Centrally located to provide hot water and central heating throughout the home.


flue Arrangement
A twinned walled flue will be a requirement.


Condensing back boilers are steadily coming onto the market. When Condensing boilers were first released back boilers where unavailable. At present Baxi are the only manufacturers producing condensing back boilers


Condensate pipe route
Ideally the condensate pipe needs to have a continuous fall from the boiler to the connection with the waste. If this is not possible then a condensate pump must be used. Back boiler will have a pump built in.


The final choice of boiler needs to relate to the budget available.  The price can vary to a large degree depending on the quality, size, and features of the individual boiler.  Usually it is a false economy to buy the cheapest central heating boiler available, but equally not necessarily a good idea to buy the most expensive boiler with all the bells and whistles