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What Does Plumbing Cost in Leicester?

Looking for a Cost of Plumbing & Heating Services in the Leicestershire area?

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Boiler/fire Service Cost:
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boiler/gas fire service = £40
extra for each appliance = £15
Example: boiler & fire service = £55

Landlord Certificate in Leicester:

Landlord Certificate: Including one appliance = £45
Extra for each appliance = £10
Landlord certicate with 2 appliances = £55
To service boiler while doing a landlord Certificate add £10
Landlord certificate with 2 appliances and boiler service = £65

Lowest charge:

My lowest charge is for an easy fix such as tightening
something to stop it leaking = £25


Changing sink/bath taps = £50

Replacing ball valve = £45

Reasons for an onsite quotation:

  • The quote is more likely to be accurate
  • The quote will not contain any hidden extras
  • There is no charge for a quote
  • There is no obligation to take it forward
  • You will be given a range of different options