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Cost of a New Boiler in Leicester

Do you need a new boiler
Getting a new boiler can be expensive but if your current one is older than 10 years, you should start thinking about having it replaced.
While the cost might be daunting, boilers account for around 60% of what you spend in a year on energy bills, so getting an efficient boiler can make a big difference and save you lots of money on your heating bills.In fact a new, high-efficiency boiler could cut your heating bills by up to 40% straight away - so you’ll make savings and help the environment.The best high efficiency condensing boilers convert more than 90% of fuel into heat, compared to just 55% for some old boilers.
What can I expect from my new boiler?
As well as being energy efficient and allowing you to do your part for the planet, a new boiler will save you loads of money on your heating bills too.According to the annual heating cost for a detached house using an old, heavy weight boiler with 55% efficiency would be around £634. Switching to a new high-efficiency condensing boiler running at 90% efficiency would cut this cost to only £401 a year - a saving of £233 - and A-grade boilers run at over 90% efficiency.
How much will it cost?
Installation costs can vary widely. You should expect to pay around £600 - £1000 for a good, gas boiler and more for an oil one, but it’s the work itself that will also cost money. If you’re having a full heating system overhaul, including radiators and heating controls, the cost will go up considerably.
What if I can't afford it
First up, you should check to see if you’re eligible for any grants or special offers. The Energy Saving Trust supplies a list of all available offers by postcode.If you can’t get a grant or discount through one of these schemes, most major installers offer a “buy now, pay later” scheme - some of these offer 0% interest for a set time, while others will tailor your repayments to suit your circumstances. However, be wary of taking this type of finance - the interest is usually around 30% and you could get a much better rate on a loan from your bank.
Aftercare and boiler insurance
Once you have bought your new boiler, it could be a good idea to look into getting some boiler insurance as well.
Although you would not expect your new boiler to breakdown immediately, if it did and you are not insured it can be costly.
Boiler cover will give you peace of mind that if the worst happens and you are left without any heating or hot water. I recommend  you save the money in a separate account, by the time the boiler goes wrong there is easy enough in the account to cover the cost, the remaining money is considered profit.