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S A Plumbing will be happy to carry out Power Flushing for you, prolonging the life of your central heating system and keeping it running efficiently. An over the phone quotation can be a simple 1st step to getting your system back to health.

Price is based on a central heating with up to 8 radiators

Power Flushed through a magnetic filter and cleaned with chemical treatment inc inhibitor = £199

A certificate is ussued with before and after results (TDS & pH levals)


Symptoms that require a Power Flush:

Member power flushed

  • Black water when bleeding
  • Radiators are cold at the bottom
  • Noisy system and boiler
  • boiler cuts in and out a lot
  • Radiators need bleeding all the time
  • Radiators stop working all together
  • House feels cool


A full Power Flush consists of:


  • A full flush and clean
  • Flush through a magnetic filter
  • A flush with chemicals and clean
  • Warm up flush and clean
  • Flush each individual radiator
  • Then go through radiators in reverse order dumping water
  • Flush system until water is clean
  • Bleed radiators and add inhibitor